Sunday, November 29, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Finally,sampai gak kl gahah.thnk you kakak,thnk you izzah<3 heeee
Mama and ayah pn nak balik da,woo hoo! can't wait can't wait.but...
I forgot,next year SPM -.- LOL nevahmind.I'll erase my memory bout that.geheh
Since Im home now,I can finally sambung projek.What projek you asked?Seni lee
Ukiran kayu and folio tak siap lagi..gahhh -.- Oh well,I got 1 month lebih to finish it.So GAMBATE! *padahal buat tu jeeee :p

Oh yeah,smthg reminds me of the EYE INFECTION
I got it from someone,but thnk god da elok.but wan atok pacik aku sume kene :P
All because of me,err heheh.Sorry guys,get well soon ! :D heeee

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