Friday, February 26, 2010

Mom at 17? woah

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Have you guys ever thought of being pregnant at the age of 17 or younger? well,I have
It may not struck your mind how it really feels to be pregnant at this young.Some want to die,hit by a lorry,jump off a cliff,all those self-destructive scenarios come to mind when you're not mentally stable and depressed.I read about moms who were still in their teenage years.When you're a teenager,you would want to think about boys,fashion,parties,studies etc.Not children,changing diapers or send your kid to a nursery.
When i watched 'Juno',I told myself

'the film maker is unbelievable,he/she made being pregnant at 17 seems easy and simple.get pregnant,wait for the baby to pop out,give the baby to someone else,find a bf,live happily ever after like nothing happen,the end.'

pfft.Its not that easy.This is not movies or dramas.This is the reality.Unwanted babies got dumped in rivers,trash bins,in the bushes etc.It just gives me goosebumps to think of the worse.

So girls,do takecare of yourselves.Not all boys really want to be with you forever.Some of them (maybe most of them) just want to take advantage.Plus,this is Malaysia not USA or Aussie whatever.Our people here take this issue very seriously.Its not wrong to have fun or show your love to your guy but everything has their limits

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Its raining raining

Yeah yeah we all have problems,crisis,what-so-everr.Different people different crisis,only the tough ones survive.but im not tough at like soft as a feather,sheesh.why am i soo weak =.= no no,shut it.I have to be strong and face this shit.We all are,we all are facing this big load of shit in front of us,yeah.
When i read the newspaper about crisis or when somebody is opening up to me about her/his crisis,it just gives me shivers and made me ask myself,whats going to happen to me next?Im not an exception to all these problems.nobody are.But in the end,this is life,sometimes u're on top of the world,sometimes u're at the bottom of the sea.nobody knows right.All im saying is,sediakan payung sebelum hujan and preventing is waaaaay better than curing.When u are falling or already at the bottom,u'll know who ur true friend is

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cuti cuti :D

Yay its the holiday!i can wake up late,watch movies,and ehem ehem,ahaaaaa ;p
Valentine's day?Oh no,I did not celebrate it.bahaye wooo kua time valentine's
JAIS belambak sane sini =.= i dont need my ass to be fried,thank youu
Btw its the holiday,what's my plan? SHOPPING!! :Dyeah,im screaming my lungs out,im going SHOPPING!!! hahah im nuts,tak perlu kot nak brag bout this but im just soo darn excited and hyper cause its the holiday and i dont have to come to school for 1 whole week,whippidooo!