Sunday, December 12, 2010


Oh-emm-GEE my school life is SPM is over.I am free and it feels weird.Why? I have no idea.Now I can finally sit back and idle.Okay done that,now IM BORED! I need hala tujuan.Now that I dont have school or exams,I dont know what am I supposed to do.Today I washed the dishes,sidai kain and kemas rumah without having being told.I am so in the i-am-so-bored-i-could-die phase.Sheesh I need a project.I need my sewing machine back (-.-)v

Saturday, September 25, 2010

It is rude to stare

I always stare at people.but I extremely hate it when people stare at me.It gives me creep,usha my face my body.Its like they can see through me ._. When I stare at people,usually cause the person is pretty or unique in some way.Its not like I'm bitching about them D: Still,nobody likes to be stared at,so don't stare at people.its rude! Note to myself ;O

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Someway Somehow Baby

Someway somehow,
I can still feel your presence
here with me.
Someway somehow,
it feels just yesterday
they took you away from me.

I remember the days we spent together,
I remember the times vividly.
I used to talk to you every day,
about dreams and hope,
Like the world has no limit.
I used to sing to you every night,
about stars and destiny
Like the world is not this cruel
Like the world is not this selfish.

Someway somehow,
it feels just yesterday.
Someway somehow,baby
I would like to meet you...

Truly written from the heart,

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

People Change

People change.From bad to good,good to bad,bad to worse.Whatever,people change.Since we were young,we always hear the phrase, 'Never judge the book by its cover' .Heck,admit it.We all judge something from it's cover,it's appearance .We always assume the pretty girl across the street,wearing tudung,innocent face,sopan santun,made us go 'awwww mesti baik budak ni :D '.or maybe the guy,holding books,with his nerdy glasses,we will assume he is damn smart.We judge something from it's appearance.Well what if,you see a guy wearing helmet,chocolate-mocha brown skin with black shirt and jeans,riding his motor.You will assume he is a rempit and a bad guy.Don't deny it,you know you do it all the time.

We often watch people change,doesn't matter from bad to worse or good to better.When a person changed,you just criticized the person.But you never actually wondered why.For example,if your friend changed to be worse.You will say to yourself 'mampos die lah,hidup die' or maybe 'eeee tak sedar diri budak ni..bangang' .kan kan? Am I right or am I right? :) So,think lah.Everything happens for a reason.Stop judging people and don't be a hypocrite.Don't judge people if you don't want to be judged

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SMK Wangsa Melawati

Lagi 5 bulan...

Lagi 5 bulan ape?

Nak habis skola! ;(

okok fine,i take back when I said I cant wait for school to end.but when I reminisce everything tht happened at school,ya know,sweet memories.It made me sad that all this will end soon.SPM is coming after us,still we're not prepared.our empty brains made us pray SPM were to be postponed (hehe : P )

At school,where I meet all my friends,where we do stupid things together,we learn things together,we play together,share secrets,ups and downs together..

Oh well,we have to keep moving forward.5months is short.So,lets make the most of it,people ! ;)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Experiences.It makes you more matured and smarter and love yourself more and love people around you more or likewise,depends on what the person experienced.But to me,my previous experiences made me more matured (hehe) and made me realised about things I didn't realised before.Everything happens for a reason.If you think something bad happens to you is to punish you or its just a bad luck,you're wrong.everything does happen for reason.Maybe it will take a while for you to see the goodness in your bad luck,but you'll see,it is for the best.Trust me cause I know,I've been there.Every one has been there,right :)

When something bad happened to us,we need somebody to lean on.It is true when they say,true friends do come around when you needed them the most :) and I regret the day I said true friends doesnt exist.they do exist,they're just somewhere for you to find.When you have found them,dont take them for granted.Like I said,everthing happens for a reason.You're smart,you must know what I meant ;)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Holiday again :D

We didnt win the drama,oh well,atleast we had fun ;P it was embarassing,i tell u,embarassing but fun at the same time LOL
Its the holiday,again :D but after the holiday,ade diagnostik SPM.what the crap?Im going on a vacation,so i dont have time to study eheh.alasan.fine,I'll bring books instead of clothes to Singapore.I'll wear papers from the books instead of my comfy clothes.NOT!
Sekarang baru sedar,barulah nak seedar kan.SPM is getting nearer.Che ainie lectured us and huh,terase kot -.- my brain is empty without any knowledge.I need to study.gahhh
Remember the plan,
SPM-A Level-DUBLIN! I can do this.I must!

Leather jackets is in right.I saw lots of people wearing it now.Dont you guys,like,get sweaty and feel hot when you're wearing it? Malaysia panas kot,how can you guys stand the weather with that jacket? -.- tapela,dorang tak banyak dosa kot

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Grease Lightning

We're doing a play.a musical drama,GREASE.og my god,im gonna make a complete full out of myself XP guess who's playing as John Travolta? RAFIUDIN haha.ok ok,I dont mean it in that way,bukan nak kutuk but after this,when I watch John Travolta,Rafiudin is the one that will appear on my tv screen,not John Travolta hahah.God im imagining him dancing the Saturday Night Fever! lol.sorry raf raf XP Zee is playing as Sandy.Serious sesuai,suke tgk die nari! :D hihi Everybody is excited,well most of us,are excited to do this haha
Teacher said if we win this,We will get rm100,but not each of us get we have to bahagi utk 28 org.hek elehh berape ringgit je dapat =.= penat penat aku nari cam bangang atas stage,tu je dapat hahah *tu pn kalau menang lah HAHAH XP

Friday, February 26, 2010

Mom at 17? woah

©2005-2010 !LitoPrincess
Have you guys ever thought of being pregnant at the age of 17 or younger? well,I have
It may not struck your mind how it really feels to be pregnant at this young.Some want to die,hit by a lorry,jump off a cliff,all those self-destructive scenarios come to mind when you're not mentally stable and depressed.I read about moms who were still in their teenage years.When you're a teenager,you would want to think about boys,fashion,parties,studies etc.Not children,changing diapers or send your kid to a nursery.
When i watched 'Juno',I told myself

'the film maker is unbelievable,he/she made being pregnant at 17 seems easy and simple.get pregnant,wait for the baby to pop out,give the baby to someone else,find a bf,live happily ever after like nothing happen,the end.'

pfft.Its not that easy.This is not movies or dramas.This is the reality.Unwanted babies got dumped in rivers,trash bins,in the bushes etc.It just gives me goosebumps to think of the worse.

So girls,do takecare of yourselves.Not all boys really want to be with you forever.Some of them (maybe most of them) just want to take advantage.Plus,this is Malaysia not USA or Aussie whatever.Our people here take this issue very seriously.Its not wrong to have fun or show your love to your guy but everything has their limits

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Its raining raining

Yeah yeah we all have problems,crisis,what-so-everr.Different people different crisis,only the tough ones survive.but im not tough at like soft as a feather,sheesh.why am i soo weak =.= no no,shut it.I have to be strong and face this shit.We all are,we all are facing this big load of shit in front of us,yeah.
When i read the newspaper about crisis or when somebody is opening up to me about her/his crisis,it just gives me shivers and made me ask myself,whats going to happen to me next?Im not an exception to all these problems.nobody are.But in the end,this is life,sometimes u're on top of the world,sometimes u're at the bottom of the sea.nobody knows right.All im saying is,sediakan payung sebelum hujan and preventing is waaaaay better than curing.When u are falling or already at the bottom,u'll know who ur true friend is

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cuti cuti :D

Yay its the holiday!i can wake up late,watch movies,and ehem ehem,ahaaaaa ;p
Valentine's day?Oh no,I did not celebrate it.bahaye wooo kua time valentine's
JAIS belambak sane sini =.= i dont need my ass to be fried,thank youu
Btw its the holiday,what's my plan? SHOPPING!! :Dyeah,im screaming my lungs out,im going SHOPPING!!! hahah im nuts,tak perlu kot nak brag bout this but im just soo darn excited and hyper cause its the holiday and i dont have to come to school for 1 whole week,whippidooo!