Sunday, February 21, 2010

Its raining raining

Yeah yeah we all have problems,crisis,what-so-everr.Different people different crisis,only the tough ones survive.but im not tough at like soft as a feather,sheesh.why am i soo weak =.= no no,shut it.I have to be strong and face this shit.We all are,we all are facing this big load of shit in front of us,yeah.
When i read the newspaper about crisis or when somebody is opening up to me about her/his crisis,it just gives me shivers and made me ask myself,whats going to happen to me next?Im not an exception to all these problems.nobody are.But in the end,this is life,sometimes u're on top of the world,sometimes u're at the bottom of the sea.nobody knows right.All im saying is,sediakan payung sebelum hujan and preventing is waaaaay better than curing.When u are falling or already at the bottom,u'll know who ur true friend is

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