Tuesday, September 7, 2010

People Change

People change.From bad to good,good to bad,bad to worse.Whatever,people change.Since we were young,we always hear the phrase, 'Never judge the book by its cover' .Heck,admit it.We all judge something from it's cover,it's appearance .We always assume the pretty girl across the street,wearing tudung,innocent face,sopan santun,made us go 'awwww mesti baik budak ni :D '.or maybe the guy,holding books,with his nerdy glasses,we will assume he is damn smart.We judge something from it's appearance.Well what if,you see a guy wearing helmet,chocolate-mocha brown skin with black shirt and jeans,riding his motor.You will assume he is a rempit and a bad guy.Don't deny it,you know you do it all the time.

We often watch people change,doesn't matter from bad to worse or good to better.When a person changed,you just criticized the person.But you never actually wondered why.For example,if your friend changed to be worse.You will say to yourself 'mampos die lah,hidup die' or maybe 'eeee tak sedar diri budak ni..bangang' .kan kan? Am I right or am I right? :) So,think lah.Everything happens for a reason.Stop judging people and don't be a hypocrite.Don't judge people if you don't want to be judged

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