Monday, April 18, 2011


Obsession.Why do some people is so obsessed with fame,money and power.I know these three are like the  'most' important thing to have nowadays.But people,please.Stop trying so hard,it's the part where you tried so hard that made me go ' Urghhh get a life,people ' .One more thing,obsessed to be like your so-called idol.These days there are tooo many people trying so hard to be like Yuna.If you put her as your idol,it's okay.But it's not okay when you try SO hard.Be yourself,cause you are wayy cooler * I think.Im not condemning anyone,it's just annoys me so much to see many young adults nowadays are easily influenced and easily pressured by peer pressure :/ I know,I know it happens to anyone and almost everybody,including me sometimes.All Im trying to say is,quit trying so hard and just be yourself.You are beautiful inside out,if you think you're not beautiful inside,then maybe it's time you try to be.Kau nak cantikkan luaran je,dalaman mcm mane?


  1. baru sedar ade comment rupenye ._. haha hi thanks for reading my dead blog