Thursday, December 24, 2009

Heads in the clouds

Have you ever feel like running away to somewhere,anywhere.someplace where everyone is a stranger to you,where nobody won't even say 'Hey thats.....' .Just maybe,maybe,there's a place where you can escape from everything.From everyone that knows you,problems that just want to kick you right in the butt,situations,confrontations.Nobody could escape that.Cause that's life,reality.This is not some fairytale where you live happily ever after.Some people wish for bad things to happen cause they're just bored and want thrills and so-called-adventures.But for those who already went through somthg bad,they wish they could escape from reality.They wish for a happy ending,something they never had before.Sometimes reality just slapped you right in the face.When that happens,you wish you could just disappear.Sometimes I know I have to be grateful with what I already had cause there are a lot more unfortunate than me but sometimes I just wish I could escape from all of this.Wouldn't we all?
Im a dreamer.I dream cause dreams are just better than reality.dreams can make us happy though we know it is just impossible for it to happen.It's better to put our heads in the clouds sometimes,well if it makes us happy.I know I am.But when I come back to reality,I just feel like this huge burden suddenly fell on my shoulder making me want to cover my face and close my eyes and wish for a better life.And when this happens,I would say to myself ; take me away to better place,someway somehow,just me in it...


  1. i can say this is the first post.. a blabbering one that makes sense and I like it.. The dreamer part is an actual fact.. :) Reality just keeps getting on our face huh? :)

  2. thnks :) everybody else,i wish i could swipe life or somthg ya know -.-