Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sooo Looooong

Okay this is going to be one loooong post.well clearly cause I got so much to tell.though maybe nobody is going to read it but what the hell.Shove off then if u dont want to

First:My parents are back!

Yes,finally my parents are back :) ooh how much i miss them folks.Like others(org baru balik dari Mekah),they brought back sooo many stuff,I repeat,sooo many.Common stuff;jubah,inai,tasbih,sejadah etc
So finally,boleh makan sedap sedap balik :D hehe cause im telling ya,we've been eating junk for the whole month(actually,it was 44 days)
except bile kat kampung lah,there I can eat REAL FOOD.
My mom bought me jubah and purdah.Skang bolehlah aku main ninja ninja dengan adik aku kaaan HAHAH

Second:My newest addictions

Her name is Poka :) actually it's PolkaDot cause badan die dot dot mcm polka dot.hehe.

Ok actually theres 3 of them :D
One girl,2 boys.Yg jantan tu seko eko straight,satu eko bengkok
So yg ekor straight,his name is Moustache.Pretty much cause he looks like he has one
The other one yg ekor bengkok,name die Bebeb

We got them from kakak;die kutip kat mane tah.Oh I just loooove my babies :) thts right,they're my babies now!

Third:Ten Things I Hate About Me

Dont get me wrong.I just want to tell u guys about this book!
Okay Im a bit obsessed with this book.I just freakin love it.Nyesal tak beli dari dulu lagi.At first when I see this book on the shelves,I thought it was boring and so darn predictable just by looking at the cover.Boy,I was wrong
Im gonna give 2 thumbs up.No...4 thumbs up :D haha.What I love about this book is its kinda an eye-opener for all the racists dickheads all over the globe,especially teenagers.Randa Abdel Fattah(the author) did a really good job and a really good writer.This book is pack with humor,well only if u get the humor like I do.
Okay now I sounded like iklan dalam tv haha
Anyways,currently Im looking for her first book ; Does My head look big in this?
I heard that book won an award,so Im definitely gonna buy that book hee
Yes,Im a bookworm.Got problem with that? :)

It is true when they say ; Never judge a book by its cover ;)

Fourth:Kinda Addicted to Rihanna now

I have been listening to Rihanna's new album for days for hours and Im not bored of them,yet.I love all the songs.Especially Photographs-Rihanna feat

Gahh aku dr tadi mem-promote haha

Fifth:2010 is coming

Means SPM is coming too,nearer and nearer -.- no more freedom,from now on,its going to be study study study tusyen tusyen tusyen.... DUSHHH *bunyi bende berat hit kepale*

Hmmm I guess that would be all I want to say,pour out to u guys.Later dudesss

Big Hug Kiss Kiss Little Hug,

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