Sunday, March 7, 2010

Grease Lightning

We're doing a play.a musical drama,GREASE.og my god,im gonna make a complete full out of myself XP guess who's playing as John Travolta? RAFIUDIN haha.ok ok,I dont mean it in that way,bukan nak kutuk but after this,when I watch John Travolta,Rafiudin is the one that will appear on my tv screen,not John Travolta hahah.God im imagining him dancing the Saturday Night Fever! lol.sorry raf raf XP Zee is playing as Sandy.Serious sesuai,suke tgk die nari! :D hihi Everybody is excited,well most of us,are excited to do this haha
Teacher said if we win this,We will get rm100,but not each of us get we have to bahagi utk 28 org.hek elehh berape ringgit je dapat =.= penat penat aku nari cam bangang atas stage,tu je dapat hahah *tu pn kalau menang lah HAHAH XP

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