Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Experiences.It makes you more matured and smarter and love yourself more and love people around you more or likewise,depends on what the person experienced.But to me,my previous experiences made me more matured (hehe) and made me realised about things I didn't realised before.Everything happens for a reason.If you think something bad happens to you is to punish you or its just a bad luck,you're wrong.everything does happen for reason.Maybe it will take a while for you to see the goodness in your bad luck,but you'll see,it is for the best.Trust me cause I know,I've been there.Every one has been there,right :)

When something bad happened to us,we need somebody to lean on.It is true when they say,true friends do come around when you needed them the most :) and I regret the day I said true friends doesnt exist.they do exist,they're just somewhere for you to find.When you have found them,dont take them for granted.Like I said,everthing happens for a reason.You're smart,you must know what I meant ;)

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